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فروشگاه لوازم کوهنوردی دونا

چهارشنبه 20-1-93 : لطفا برای دیدن فهرست کالا، به ستون چپ بروید زیر "محصولات کوهنوردی دونا"

MASTERS - SHERPA باتون کوه نوردی




 model : sherpa
باتون کوه نوردی

extreme series : trekking 2013

best-seller in the last four years

weight : 290 gr/piece

three sections ø 18/16/14 mm made in aluminum 7075 f56 with adjustable sizes from 65 cm to 140 cm

t7 dual density grip and adjustable comfort strap with automatic stop® system

sbs "super blocking system"

patented rbs® "replacement basket system" with short support and  carbide tip

supplied with baskets ø 95 mm


بهای یک جفت : ۱۵۰۰۰۰ تومان



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GABEL : X-LANDER LITE عصا و باتوم کوه نوردی

model : X-LANDER LITE 
عصا و باتوم کوه نوردی

Weight : 233 g / 8,23 oz

Length : 65-143 cm / 25"-56

Material : Alu 7075 ø 18/16/14 mm

Grip : Dual Lite Black - 01/29

Strap : Comfort Automatic TCS Logo - 02/13LG silver

Basket : Trekking Lite + S.S. Power - 03/24F + 03/27F

Flex Tip+Tip : Multi Fit + Carbide - 05/5 + 08/9
Twist lock design allows infinite tightening keeping the pole from changing length.

Twist lock design allows infinite tightening keeping the pole from changing length

This can be attributed to the thoughtful Italian Design found throughout the poles including the twist lock mechanism that is made from a special plastic fitting that tightens down over a cone shaped fitting pressed into the pole section. This twist lock design allows infinite tightening and little room for failure. Gabel anodizes the individual pole sections inside and out to reduce the possibility of corrosion/ oxidation which over time impedes the smooth movement of the inner sections, the Gabel X-Landers show no sign of oxidization on the inner sections. I discovered the effects of oxidation on a set of lever lock poles, after I did not store them fully extended to allow the moisture to evaporate, something we have a lot of in the Northwest. To get the oxidized poles open it took holding them in a vice and reefing on them



Combination of foam handles and nylon strap provide a comfortable grip.

Combination of foam handles and nylon strap provide a comfortable grip

The handles are comfortable featuring a sculptured EVA foam grip that provides just the right amount of friction and breathability even when your hands are sweaty. The top of the grip is hard plastic and houses a nylon strap that is fully adjustable, even on the fly. The nylon strap is lined with a comfortable neoprene material to prevent chafing when they are adjusted tight against your hands. The outside of the strap has a reflective logo that makes them easy to find with your headlamp on early alpine starts



Two different style of baskets come with the poles.

Two different style of baskets come with the poles

At the business end is a surprisingly durable point tipped with a very hard carbonized metal. We have stuffed these tips between rocks on trails, talus fields and in dirt for over 200 miles of walking and they show little wear. Included with the poles are two sets of baskets, one set for summer trekking and one for use on the snow. The baskets screw on about 3 inches up from the tip and seat on to a shoulder that has a notch that keeps the basket from unscrewing


Grey Ones Rating

The X-Lander Trekking Poles feature careful attention to design details that make them extremely durable and a pleasure to use even on the longest uphill grind in the heat of the summer or on steep snow covered slopes in winter. If you can get your hands on a pair, they are definitely a better value than most poles priced under $100.00 and should be a piece of gear you’ll have around for several years


بهای یک جفت = - تومان

لطفا برای موجودی تماس بگیرید

X-Lander Lite additional picture 1 X-Lander Lite additional picture 2

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هفت گوهر عصا - باتوم

هفت گوهر

عصا - باتوم

Pipe (5075 Alu), inner lock in two side _ diamond tip _ 2 kinds of baskets.
In 3 different design.
Weight with anti shock : 325g
Weight without anti shock: 285g
Open length: 135 cm
Close length: 68 cm

بها : 35000 تومان



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